Jeez, it’s been months since I’ve last posted. Partly I’ve been busy and partly I just don’t have anything to say. But now I’ve come up with a few half-interesting links to post so I thought I’d give a sign of life.

First, in case you haven’t seen it already, there’s this brilliant flash game that I’ve wasted far too much time playing: gravity pods.

Second, I keep meeting people who have never read Olin Shivers’ acknowledgements in the scheme shell reference manual. If you haven’t already, go read them.

Finally, I came across this great description of a person, from Tim Moore‘s Frost on my Moustache, which had me laughing out loud in the train. It is Lord Dufferin‘s description of his butler, Wilson:

Of all the men I ever met he is the most desponding. Whatever is to be done, he is sure to see a lion in the path. Life in his eyes is a perpetual filling of leaky buckets and a rolling of stones uphill. He brushes my clothes, lays the cloth, opens the champagne, with the air of one advancing to his execution. I have never seen him smile but once, when he came to report to me that a sea had nearly swept his colleague, the steward, overboard.

If you think that’s funny you should read the whole book.

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