Finally, Google Chrome is out! If you haven’t tried it already you should do so forthwith. This is the project I work on at google, specifically the JavaScript engine V8 (pronounced [fi: ɛit]). If you want to know more about V8 I would recommend, in order of increasing detail:

  • V8 under the hood for a quick and accurate overview.
  • The comic which has a section about V8, starting at page 13 (but do read the whole thing). It features cartoon versions of Lars and Kasper and what I choose to believe is Mr. Bananagrabber without his segway.
  • Our documentation, specifically the design elements section, for a slightly more detailed look at the basic techniques.
  • The source code itself.

By the way, if you happen to notice something that looks wrong or could be improved as you browse the source code do send us a patch – we’ve already accepted the first external contributions.

One last thing. I’m a big fan of Stephen Fry who, besides being a great comedian, author and what wikipedia calls “wit”, happens to write the column dork talk in the Guardian where he writes about digital “stuff”: gizmos, programs, etc. The columns are also posted on his blog, which I can recommend. Obviously I’m hoping to see a Google Chrome review on dork talk – that would be a great final flourish to the launch for me.

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