Some time last week, I don’t know exactly when, a change occurred on the Danish version of the Google front page. Here it is before the change:

and here it is after:

See the difference? They’ve changed the translation of I’m feeling lucky from Jeg føler mig heldig to Jeg prøver lykken. The original phrase is more or less a word-for word translation of the english phrase, literally “I feel myself lucky”. To a Danish speaker this phrase sounds about as odd as the direct translation of the new phrase would to an English speaker: “I’ll try happiness”. It sort of makes sense, and you might imagine a situation where someone might use it, but it’s certainly not a common expression. So I was very happy to hear that they were considering changing it, and now they have. Well, they’re actually not quite done yet, the old phrase is still used in a few places including the personalized homepage, but they’re getting there.

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