In Brief

A few short messages.

Completion: I’m beginning to lose interest in the API gadget so I’m thinking of removing it. If you’re using it and don’t want me to remove it feel free to let me know.

Pattern Matching: A while back I wrote a post about pattern matching in the Scala language. I also had a discussion with Burak Emir on the Scala mailing list. The post was not too well written and I was my usual annoying self on the mailing list so I didn’t actually manage to change anyone’s opinion on the subject. Since, however, the Scala folks have whipped up a new paper on the subject, Matching Objects With Patterns which should be of interest to anyone who finds that sort of thing interesting.

Monkey’s @: Back in the day when I was working on wildcards in Java, before javac was open sourced, you could introduce all the silly variable names you wanted without anyone noticing. Now anyone can rummage around in the javac source and discover stuff like the MONKEYS_AT value. Neal breaks down and explains where that came from.

That’s it. Carry on.

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