I’m back after a week of sailing in Sweden. Both the experience of sailing and the experience of going to Sweden depend a lot on the weather. This year, the weather was a bit less than optimal. Oh well, at least that gave me a chance to finally read some books I’ve had lying around. The stars’ tennis balls by Stephen Fry deservers honorable mention. Guaranteed to be read in one sitting it said on the cover. I promised myself to just read a chapter or two and save the rest for the trip home. Well, apparently book covers know me better than I do. So on the way home I just stared out the window.

Now that I’m back I plan to spend some time working on a project I started a few weeks ago. It’s a new implementation of a programming language that readers of this blog may be familiar with. I’ll write more about what my plans are when I know myself, right now I’m just typing in code.

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