Where does the wierdest wikipedia content go when it dies? Why, to BJAODN, bad jokes and other deleted nonsense.

From Coleoptera

The most musical of the Insecta, Coleoptera are known for their tight, 4-part harmonizing and catchy melodies.

From Malaga (province)

The Sun Coast (Costa del Sol) is a concrete monster that swallows, burns, and spits back millions of happy European tourists.

From Alternative rock

Alternative rock is the name given to one stone when you’re looking at another stone. The term was coined by photographer Edwin Blastocyst when looking at one stone and speaking about another, oddly enough.

    The quote from Edwin Blastocyst needs to be verified.

In other (old) news: They’re made out of meat is pure genious and now a film has been made based on the original short story.

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